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First Game

Jan 10, 2019 6 min.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am going to be running a Stars Without Number game for some of my IRL friends. Up to this point, I have played in a lot of different role-playing games, but I have never been the game master for any of them. Joe’s Gaming History A long time ago, my older brother was really into Vampire: The Masquerade with his friends, and of course I wanted to do what the cool, older kids were doing, so I convinced my brother and his goth high school friends to let me play with them for a couple of sessions.

Reading List - January 2019

Jan 9, 2019 4 min.

I have a few books that I have been bouncing between, sometimes starting them and getting a few chapters in before I start another. Not a great habit, sure, but there are so many good books out there that I get really excited when I get a new one that I want to jump right in. If it isn’t immediately apparent from the list, I’m a bit of a science fiction junkie.

NaNoWriMo 2018

Oct 19, 2018 4 min.

I have been enamored with the idea of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) since I first heard about it. I do not remember the first time I attempted doing it, but it has been going on 6 years that I have made an attempt each year, and hopefully this year will be more successful than in the past. Part of the reason for my optimism is that I am finally finished with school.

RHEL VMware Deployment

Aug 20, 2018 5 min.

Over the last year at work, we have really stepped up our automation efforts. It started out with OS customization using Ansible, but we quickly ran into the issue of bootstrapping the network configuration. We were cloning a minimally configured RHEL 7 template to deploy new machines, but we would have to manually login through the remote console to set the IP and also change the VLAN in the admin console.


Aug 1, 2018 2 min.

Hello There! My name is Joe. I’ve been kicking around with various web platforms (web2py, django, ghost, etc), for a while now, trying to put up a basic website, but nothing really stuck. Coming from a systems and CS background, I kept thinking that maybe if I found the right stack, I would be interested enough in the platform that I would like writing in it. Of course, this is the classic mistake: I have a hammer, so all problems are now nails.