Hello There!

My name is Joe. I’ve been kicking around with various web platforms (web2py, django, ghost, etc), for a while now, trying to put up a basic website, but nothing really stuck. Coming from a systems and CS background, I kept thinking that maybe if I found the right stack, I would be interested enough in the platform that I would like writing in it. Of course, this is the classic mistake: I have a hammer, so all problems are now nails.

Then I started seeing other people using very basic static web pages that were simple to write, but actually looked good. Sure, it’s really easy to slap together some HTML that will communicate what you want to, but it takes a not-insignificant amount of work to style those pages so that they are not some 90’s era pages that have a background of flashing, tiled GIFs. Enter Hugo: a basic, cross-platform binary with an opinionated file structure that’s easy to run as a local devlopment server, all content is written in Markdown, and there are a healthy amount of themes from which to choose.

So now I’m trying Hugo out on Netlify. They do make it exceptionally easy to deploy static sites from Github, so thank you to the Netlify team for all of your hard work.

Soon I will be chronicling my studies in operating system design and implementation, using Rust on a Raspberry Pi. If that sounds interesting, tune in next time for some more on that topic.